Family Care Foundation partner: Family Care Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia

Family Care Indonesia Project Managers: Thomas Bergstrom and Albert Ross

Family Care Indonesia institutes sustainable program providing computer hardware and operational training to scores of Indonesian children in several orphanages in and around Jakarta, children who otherwise would have little or no access to such technological benefits.

Indonesia has the largest number of school dropouts of any Asian country. Focusing on needy institutions, experimental computer labs are set up, upgrading these at intervals, which allows orphan and street children the opportunity to become computer literate,

Additionally they have the opportunity to enroll full time in public school, an otherwise exceptional achievement seeing that such institutions are totally funded through donations, with almost non-existent governmental help. The students come back from school and are eager to get on a computer for self-initiated study.

Likewise, the staffs of these orphanages are able to carry out their administrative duties on solid, working computers and printers. Read more

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